Indian farmers ride caravan of tractors into New Delhi



This year the Republic Day of India will be altogether different from the one the country observed in the past, when New Delhi used to showcase its military might to the world.
But this year, the New Delhi will echo with rebellious and revolutionary songs instead of Vande Matram and a cavalcade of over two and half million tractors will overshadow the weaponry and military vehicles’ parade. Punjabi tableaus on dingy tractor trolleys will subdue the cultural floats, at the official parade.

The skyline of New Delhi will glare with the colorful Punjab turbans, not the military one. Hundreds of thousands of farmers are set to hit the Delhi streets from Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan to protest new laws by Narenda Modi government.

According to Indian officials, the rally at Ghazipur border will be about 50 kilometers long, 100 kilometers long at Singhu border and 125 kilometers long at the Tikri border. In total, the tractor rally will be 250 kilometers long, Indian media reported.
The farmers believe that new three laws will destroy Indian agriculture and hand it over to just two to three industrialists. Even one of the laws clearly states that farmers can’t go to court to protect themselves.

“Two and a half million tractors are arriving in Delhi. The large number of tractors is a response to some leaders who said that only 60 thousand tractors took part in the rehearsal rally on January 6 whereas there are about 40 lakh registered tractors in the country. Hence, in this rally, farmers will show their strength to the government,” India Today quoted Dharmendra Malik, national media in-charge of the Bharatiya Kisan Union. None of the Indian government’s tactics could frighten the protesting farmers even a now busted shootout plot to kill the farmer leaders.

The farmers’ rallies are getting momentum as they pass through various cities on their way to New Delhi mission. “On the stretches of the NH-44 between Haryana’s Ambala and Sonipat, there were tractors as far as the eye could travel. Songs of protestors sung by popular Punjabi singers blared from speakers as flags of farmers’ unions fluttered atop tractors,” The Times of India reported.

For Kisan vs Delhi fight, dozens of Punjabi and Haryanvi songs have been released with lyrics full of revolution and rebellion. The “Kisan Anthem,” “Jawani Zindabad”, “Delhi Fateh,” “Sun Delhiye” ”Chup Kar Ja Delhiye” “Baghi Kisan” “Kisan Andolan” Ailaan” and “Bolda Punjab” are a few of the many songs which have already flooded the internet.

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