Indian conspiracies in GB

Sikandar Noorani

THIS seems to be a season of embarrassing exposures for the Modi regime!
Shocking disclosures are pouring down one after the other about Indian tailored conspiracies and manipulations. Firstly, it was unprecedented unveiling of fake news and media networks by the EU Disinfo Lab. Thereafter, Arnab Go swami’s chat leak in TRP scandal investigation disclosed an unholy nexus between the Modi regime and biased media. World was surprised to know that a third rate foul mouth journalist had prior information of a top secret air raid on Balakot amid stage managed Pulwama episode. This fact needs no further clarification that Pakistan has found a centre place in most of the Indian sponsored coercive campaigns.

Recent confessions of a young student, hailing from GB, Mehdi Shah have reconfirmed Pak concerns on New Delhi’s evil designs. Persistent failure in IIOJK has transformed in venomous policy of outburst against Pakistan. Network of dubious organizations, think tanks and student forums are being funded to amplify the false narratives against Pakistan. Mehdi Shah openly revealed the methodology adopted by RAW to subvert the masses especially youth of GB and Kashmir on the issue of plebiscite. Mehdi Shah painfully recalled the subversion of his late father along with many other activists in the hands of RAW. It is an open secret that Pak students abroad are being extensively targeted by Indian agencies to generate hostile propaganda. Inhuman atrocities in IIOJK are being shrouded by diverting attention of the international community towards Pakistan.

Tendency of protests against Pakistan by a handful of students in various parts of EU has significantly increased in the past couple of years. As Mehdi Shah revealed, these puppet organizations are the creation of RAW sponsored fake media networks. Sole purpose of these fake forums is to discredit Pakistan on international canvas. With recent revelations on the table, saner minds can easily connect the dots and build a true picture of Indian monster. Mehdi Shah clearly spelled out Indian agenda of misleading GB masses about the ongoing freedom movement in occupied Kashmir. In the light of recent revelations, it becomes very easy to understand that why had India turned furious once Pakistan expressed intentions to grant provincial status to GB. A genuine plebiscite in Kashmir and GB will actually demolish Indian castle built on false narratives. During recent couple of years, Pak diplomatic vigour on Kashmir issue has been a matter of great concern for decision makers in New Delhi. From UNGA to parliaments of EU and UK, questions are being raised on gross human rights violations by Indian state in occupied Kashmir.

International media is raising fingers on Indian coercive policy of preferring violence over political engagement. While addressing Kashmir Solidarity Day rally in Kotli, Pak PM very rightly warned India that violence would fail against the public awakening in IIOJK. New Delhi cannot reverse the facts by sowing the seeds of ethnic hatred in GB and Balochistan. Major regional players, China and Pakistan, share a number of common concerns against New Delhi.

Cosmetic arrangements in IIOJK are not enough to heal the deep wounds inflicted upon hearts and minds of masses by the Indian state during the past seven decades. Modi regime’s uncontrollable urge to appease the US, has pushed India many miles ahead against China. Months long stand-off at LAC is an undeniable proof of Indian handicap to resolve serious conflicts through non-violent means. On internal front, farmers’ protest amid controversial farm laws is a new addition in the long list of unresolved disputes. Deep obsession with violent methods has actually infected decision making processes in New Delhi. Winning a trophy on populist narratives through violent means is of more importance for BJP hawks instead of conflict resolution through peaceful means. Recent elections of the District Development Council, held under strict state supervision in IIOJK, could not earn an approval stamp for unilateral abrogation of Articles 370 & 35A.

Though, alarming situation in IIOJK deserves deeper healing steps, Modi regime is busy in adding more deadlier weapons on Indian armed forces’ inventory. Besides allocating specific funds in budget under defence head, exclusive allocations, over and above the budget, have been made for procurement of Hi-Tech weapon systems and modernization of armed forces. These dangerous moves cannot be viewed with ease by Pakistan and China. As evident from recent developments and policy decisions, US is gradually outsourcing aggressive manifestations against China and India has emerged as one of its blue eyed partners in this drive. Pakistan has many reasons to be extra cautious and proactive towards Indian transgressions.

Growing disorders, hostilities and unrest in surroundings have direct bearing on Pak security, economy and stability. Situation in Afghanistan is turning complex due to an alarming surge in violence with every passing day. Iran’s growing confrontation with the US and Gulf countries has posed a challenge for Pakistan as how to balance the ties with rival sides. Traditional dispute of Kashmir with India has developed multiple complex dimensions linked with CPEC, ethnic terrorism in Balochistan and subversive tendencies in GB. India is trying hard to stab Pakistan at main heartland and all flanks through terrorism, ethnic discord and coordinated disinformation campaigns. Challenge can only be met by adopting a unified stance on sensitive national matters.
—The Islamabad-based writer is a retired army officer and occasionally contributes to the national press.

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