Indian army stages ‘recovery’ of arms and ammunition drama in Baramulla



In order to defame the Kashmir’s indigenous movement by portraying it as a foreign-supported movement, Indian army staged a drama of seizure of “a large cache of rifles and ammunition” in Uri area of Baramulla district.

In a tweet, Baramulla Police stated that in a joint operation, police and army “discovered a large cache of rifles and ammunition from Uri’s Hathlanga sector”.

“8 AK74u, 24 AK 74 Magazines, 12 Chinese Pistols, 24 pistol magazines, 9 Chinese grenades, 5 Pak Grenades, 5 wheat bags, 81 Pak Balloons, 560 rounds of AK Rifle, and 244 rounds of the pistol were recovered from the area”, it said.

However, experts on Kashmir refuted the Indian claim saying that the weapon recovered was actually dumped by Indian army itself, and its staged recovery is an attempt to malign Pakistan as well as Kashmir freedom movement.—KMS