Indian actor Rakhi Sawant comes out in support of Imran Khan (VIDEO)


ISLAMABAD/MUMBAI – Thousands of PTI activists took to the streets earlier this week in the capital Islamabad, and other cities to protest against the arrest of party chairman Imran Khan, and amid the clashes and protests, the former PM garnered huge support online.

The cricketer turned politician, not only garnered support on streets but online, and latest to join the list is controversial Indian actor Rakhi Sawant to throws weight behind Imran Khan.

The former Bigg Boss contestant lately took to social media where she called on Pakistanis to stand up for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chairman Imran Khan.

In the latest clip on TikTok, the Item Girl star can be seen urging Pakistanis to raise their voice and free Imran Khan, who lately gets relief from Islamabad High Court. “Raise your voice, and free Imran Khan,” Rakhi said, adding that If this had happened in India, we could have wreaked havoc.


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She continued telling people to stop wasting their time on TikTok and do something productive for the release of the former prime minister.

Soon, the clip went viral on social media sites. Let it be known that this is not the first time that Indian actor comes out in support for Pakistani politics and culture. Earlier, the 44-year-old shared a clip of Imran Khan talking about releasing India’s pilot as a gesture of peace.

Rakhi and several other celebrities and even sports stars call for Imran Khan’s release as PTI chairman is facing one of the most troubling times.

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