India that kills innocent Kashmiris faces catch 22 in Ladakh



The Indian government and its media are being ridiculed worldwide for their quite opposite ways of handling resilient Chinese troops in Ladakh and the unarmed people in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Indian forces launch crackdown on Kashmiri villagesAccording to a Kashmir Media Service report compiled by Muhammad Arshad Khan, Indian Army that kills innocent Kashmiris and destroys villages upon villages on the pretext of just a small attack by mujahideen in any part of the occupied territory is dead silent over the loss of more than its 50 soldiers including officers with 20 confirmed dead at the hands of the Chinese troops during a face-off in Galwan Valley in Ladakh on Monday night.
However, the silence maintained by the Indian government, army and the media has made the country a laughing stock among the comity of nations. Even some Indian channels and newspapers while narrating the ‘ghus kar marayn gay [We’ll intrude and kill you]’ rhetoric of the Modi-led cabinet ministers and firebrand Hindu anchors against Pakistan particularly after Pulwama attack, have started criticizing the same people over such humiliation of Indian army, interestingly, inside the land, which is claimed by India and now is in the control of the Chinese troops. Indian opposition, too, is taking the Modi regime to task for this embarrassment for India.
The report also mentions another challenge to India by its relatively very small neighbor, Nepal and infers that the downfall of India under BJP’s fascist regime has started. It says that the China’s action in Ladakh has landed India in a catch 22 situation.—KMS