India stands exposed

INDIAN response to an offer by China to mediate between New Delhi and Islamabad to reduce tension between the two neighbors has exposed the hollowness of claims by India that it believes in peaceful co-existence and dialogue to sort out problems and issues. Reacting to Beijing proposal, spokesman of the Indian External Affairs Ministry said his country was ready for a dialogue with Pakistan but in a bilateral framework.
China believes in cooperative diplomacy and it has proven its credential in this regard through a number of initiatives. Among other things, this was quite evident from the fact that it did not flare up in the face of extreme provocation by India on the border recently. Similarly, China has launched One Belt, One Road initiative and is implementing its flagship project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor aimed at promoting regional connectivity for shared prosperity. In line with this policy, China wishes to see peaceful environment in the region and for that it lately offered to play a role in resolving tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan and its Foreign Minister also undertook a visit to help realise this objective. With the same spirit, Beijing offered to mediate between Pakistan and India as tension is rising between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. India is facing a major challenge in Occupied Kashmir where people have resumed their Intifada to get rid of the yolk of slavery and with a view to diverting attention of the world from repression and oppression that its forces have let loose on unarmed Kashmiris, India is raising the ante by violating ceasefire on Line of Control and the Working Boundary. Pakistan’s call for peaceful resolution of the disputes and issues have grossly been ignored by India and that is why apart from China, the United States, United Kingdom and the UN Secretary-General have expressed readiness to play their role in reducing tension but no progress could be made due to opposition of the idea by New Delhi. India is opposing mediation and is not interested or serious in bilateral talks then question arises what option is there to sort out differences?

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