India spent billion rupees in Afghanistan to harm Pakistan: Sh Rasheed

Nasib Shah Shinwari

Sheik Rasheed Ahmad, the Interior minister of Pakistan briefing media at zero point Torkham on Sunday criticized the terror sponsoring activities of Indian government in Afghanistan, he said, although India spent billions ruppees to creat anti-Pakistan elements in Afghanistan but their conspiracies have completely failed in Afghanistan.

He said that Indian involvement had come to an end after Taliban takeover on Afghanistan.

He said India used billion of rupees on establishing 60 terrorist training camps inside Afghanistan.

The minister said the region was now coming out of the pressure after the Afghan Taliban totally changed the shape of world politics. He said Inter Sevices Intellegence (ISI) chief leutinent General Faiz Hameed visit to Kabul was severely painful for Indians.

He said Indian televesion channels negatively portray the ISI chief visit to Kabul. He said a number of foreign countries’ top level officers visited Kabul but Indians did not talk on it.

Sheikh Rashid said 93 percent of the fencing wall had been completed between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He added that no refugees came to Pakistan after Taliban took contol of Afghanistan. “Those who want to visit should take visa before entering Pakistan “,Sheikh Rashid said.

Sheikh Rashid said the region was now becoming an important where possibily new block could emerged.

He praised the security forces for their bravery who rendered sacrifices for the sack of homeland. He said Pakistan lost eighty thousands lives in the past twenty years long war.

The minister said Taliban amazed the whole world with their quick takeover on Kabul which was not expected in days.

He said now few terrorists groups would try to put pressure but Pakistan Army along with the nation would wipe out them from the country.

He said India with the help of NDS had established 60 terrorists training camps in Afghanistan where they providing anti Pakistan trainings.

Sheikh Rashid said both Afghanistan and Pakistan have expressed their commitment that they would not let anyone to use their soil against any country.

“ It is now the Taliban’s responsibility to take steps in their parts and maintain security of Afghanistan”,said Sheikh Rashid.

Shiekh Rashid said he visited the Torkham border to show the false Indian television channels and the government that Pak-Afghan border was safe and secure on both sides.

He said in two days the Immigration and Nadra staff would be doubled so that they could facilitate passengers of both countries.