India sends weapons to Afghanistan in guise of airlifting diplomats


India has started providing weapons to the Afghan government to counter advancing Taliban, a move that will undermine the efforts of other regional powers seeking peaceful resolution of the situation amid hasty withdrawal of foreign troops after two decades of war.

Reports said that the Indian government sent two C-130 military planes carrying consignments of ammunition in guise of airlifting their diplomats as Delhi has closed its consulate in Kandhar due to intensifying situation.

The planes landed in Afghanistan on July 10 and 11. A consignment carrying 40 tonnes of ammunition of 122-mm cannon was delivered on 10th while the same was delivered the next day, said the reports.

The move has exposed India’s double-game in the region as earlier it was trying to engage in talks with Taliban in Doha and now providing ammo to Afghan government.

India has been involved in using Afghan soil for carrying out terror activities inside Pakistan, which has submitted dossiers in this regard to the United Nations many times.

India’s investment appears to be sinking in Afghanistan: ISPR

DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said last week that India would not have frustrated if it had made an investment in Afghanistan with good intensions.

He added that Delhi’s investment appeared to be sinking in Afghanistan. Maj Gen Babar said that India wanted to put blame of the situation in Afghanistan on Pakistan.

Pakistan made sincere efforts for the peace process and now it is up to the people of Afghanistan to decide the way forward on their own as the prevailing situation is their internal matter, he said.

The military spokesperson clearly said that Pakistan does not support anyone in Afghanistan. ‘We have no favourites in Afghanistan,’ he emphasised.

Saying all regional stakeholders desired a responsible withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the DG ISPR said, adding that now Afghan parties will have to sit for peaceful resolution of the issues as violence is not a solution.

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