India put regional peace at stake, says Aleem


Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that India has spared no effort to jeopardize peace in the region in the last 10 months, open human rights violations have continued in held Kashmir.
In a statement on Wednesday, he added that Kashmiries have been deprived of their right to self-determination and now Modi himself looks upset. Aleem Khan said that Modi government has heated up the market of fascism in the name of democracy in Kashmir and unarmed and innocent civilians are trapped in their homes while the doors of daily life have been closed on them.
He said that in this situation, India has started confrontation with China to divert the world’s attention and it is now facing severe criticism not only on the external but also on the internal front.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that in the Ladakh sector “Hindutva” has suffered a major setback due to tooth decay from China. India will still fall apart if it does not reduce its war frenzy.
The minister added that the address of the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Security Council is proving to be true, India’s specific mentality has become clear to the whole world and China has taught a good lesson to the intruders in Ladakh.
Sooner or later Kashmiris will also have to be given their basic rights otherwise history will never forgive the Modi government. Abdul Aleem Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been showing India a mirror from day one and will continue to boldly highlight Pakistan’s position in international forums.
Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has expressed deep sorrow and grief over the sad demise of renowned television compare Tariq Aziz. Abdul Aleem Khan said that Tariq Aziz was a legend in Pakistan television industry and he was a patriot as well.
Abdul Aleem Khan expressed his condolences to the family and fans of Tariq Aziz and prayed that may Allah Almighty grant him a place in His mercy and able to his heirs to bear this trauma with courage and fortitude.