India playing dangerous game under guise of coronavirus: Mushaal


Sudden death of Sahrai raises many eyebrows

Staff Reporter

Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the wife of Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik said that the fascist Indian regime was playing a dangerous game against Kashmiris under the guise of coronavirus as the sudden death of Ashraf Sahrai raised many eyebrows.

In a statement on Sunday, the Chairperson of the Peace and Culture Organization made it clear that Sahrai’s sudden death is the result of such a game plan.

Mushaal expressed her anxiety for the safety and well-being of the Jailed senior Hurriyat leaders.

She said that Yasin Malik, Asiya Andrabi, Altaf Shah and other Hurriyat leaders’ lives are in danger in the notorious Tihar Jail.

Mushaal said that Altaf Shah’s daughter Ruwa Shah also hinted at such danger in her tweet who wrote “I spoke to my incarcerated father today for less than five minutes after months. He said every day at least two people are dying of Covid inside the Tihar Jail.”

The Chairperson maintained that the Kashmiri family is worried about the Hurriyat leaders and Kashmiris imprisoned in Tihar Jail where the lifetaking virus is spreading alarmingly.

“More than 250 people have tested positive in Tihar Jail, but instead of moving out the prisoners of this jail more imprisoned Kashmiris are being shifted there to further expose them to the deadly coronavirus, “ Mashaal added.

The Hurriyat leader said that the health of Yasin Malik and other Hurriyat leaders is already deteriorating due to mental and physical tortures by the brutal authorities, the rising virus causes in the jail have multiplied their agonies.

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