India plans Nazi type concentration camps in IOK



India has planned to set up Nazi type concentration camps for the Kashmiri youth to starve torture and kill them.
According to Kashmir Media Service, a clear indi-cation of the plan has been given by warmonger former Indian Army Chief and incumbent Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, while address-ing a conference in New Delhi.
He said that young Kashmiri children were being radicalized and they need to be identified and put in de-radicalization camps. Rawat also claimed that Indian forces could not be blamed for injuries caused by pellet guns and that radicalised stone-pelters were “more dangerous” than the pellet guns. By emphasizing the need to deal with heavy hand in occupied Kashmir, General Rawat has pointed to-wards the Indian design to step up state terrorism in the territory.
All Parties Hurriyat Conference and other liberation organizations in their statements have said that in the name of de-radicalization, the Kashmiri youth would be tortured in new camps. They said that General Bipin Rawat’s warning was a depiction of India’s militaristic approach towards the Kashmir dispute and was aimed at making the Kashmiri youth to shun their struggle.
The organizations said New Delhi was using all brutal methods including torture to crush the Kash-miris’ liberation movement and bully them into accepting its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. They maintained that the international human rights bodies including the UN Human Rights Council, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented thousands of cases of torture in the occupied territory.
They said that India was violating international humanitarian laws by using torture as a state policy in occupied Kashmir. They pointed out that despite killing over 95,000 innocent Kashmiris since 1989,—APP