India on path of radicalisation | By Sikandar Noorani 


India on path of radicalisation

EXTREMIST cults operating under patronization of BJP have no dearth of targets! As the rule of BJP extending in terms of time in India; hate mongers influenced by violent interpretation of Hindutva ideology continue to expand their wings all across the country.

Assam is the next Muslim hunting field after Kashmir where extremists frequently vent their hatred and anger.

A Hindu-Muslim communal riot in Bangladesh was enough a reason for affiliates of RSS, Vishwa Hindu Pareshad and Sanghis to attack the mosque and the private properties owned by the Muslims in Tripura.

Assam is in the crosshairs of BJP primarily due to large number of the Muslim community. Merely irked with significant presence of the Muslims, BJP State Ministers were seen and heard hatefully vowing to stop conversion of Assam in another Kashmir.

Controversial citizenship law was specifically framed to ensure eviction of the Muslims from Assam. Recent anti-Muslim violence is actually the violent manifestation of eviction drive.

BJP’s policies about IIOJK and Assam revolve around common point of coercing and reducing the existing numerical majority of the Muslims through violent means.

Atrocities in IIOJK have touched the vertex as evident from recent fake encounters and forced burials of the victims in unmarked graves.

Unilateral abrogation of Kashmir’s statehood remains a major irritant in present day scenario which is eventually destined towards greater demographic change poised against the Muslim majority.

Rejection of this venomous plan in Kashmir is so deep that BJP’ hawk Amit Shah had to make faulty promises for restoration of statehood during his debut visit to Srinagar as Home Minister.

Ruling cult in New Delhi has no cogent option to deal with the crisis in Kashmir except brutal application of state force.

How BJP influenced quarters responded on defeat against Pakistan in T-20 world cup was another undeniable evidence of growing extremism in Indian society.

Treason cases lodged against the Muslims for celebrating the sports victory and later the routine bails were denied to the accused. Growing extremism under the banner of BJP is being viewed as a major threat to secular outlook of India.

Saner voices are openly opposing the steamrolling of hateful ideology by BJP and its sister organizations. Renowned Congress veteran and ex-Foreign Minister Salman Khursheed, in his book, has very rightly drawn a comparison of BJP with internationally known extremist groups.

As per Salman Khursheed, ideology of violent Hindutva is similar to the concepts of Boko Haram and ISIS.

Quick proof for this conclusion came from none other than BJP circles that burned the house and effigy of Salman Khursheed in Nainital.

The matter is not restricted to an intellectual difference of opinion over a book excerpt rather seems more serious due to rapid growth of radicalism roots deeper in the society.

BJP and its sub-organizations are openly projecting Nathoram Godse, the killer of Gandhi, as a national hero. In Jamnagar, recently a clash took place between BJP and Congress over Godese’s statue which was removed by the later from a public place.

Alarming events hurled by extremists surfacing very frequently in India. Religiously biased mob forced the administration to ban Friday prayers in open grounds adjacent to the mosques in Gurgaon.

Parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi critized this unconstitutional step and told Al-Jazeera“How is it that practising my religion or offering my Jumah namaz once in a week for 15 to 20 minutes is hurting anyone?” Real severity of the issue may be rightly assessed by the poisonous response of Home Minister Amit Shah who supported the unjustified step and criticized Congress for appeasing the Muslim voters in the past by allowing the Friday prayers in open grounds.

Though, India was never a secular or tolerant country in real sense but its journey on path of radicalization under BJP’ rule is too fast.

After targeting Muhammad Shami, Virat Kohli with his infant daughter and Salman Khursheed in recent past weeks now radicalized warriors are after Indian Comedian Veer Das for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments.

These events portray a very horrible picture of extremely intolerant Indian society which is unable to bear even a simple sports event or a small witty satirical line. Besides targeting the Muslims, extremist quarters do have violent agenda against other religious minorities.

What transpiring now in the UK in the form of Khalistan Freedom Referendum is the real reflection of Indian bias and discrimination with the Sikhs.

Despite Indian reservations, Pakistan open heartedly offered Sikh pilgrims much desired easy passage to Nankana Sahib through Kartarpur Corridor.

BJP hawks swallowed this bitter pill with heavy heart and usually leave no opportunity to generate negative speculations about Pak intentions.

Recently, hate mongers have turned guns on Navjot Sidhu who praised Pak PM as his ‘elder brother’ during recent tour of Karatrpur.

It seems BJP’s hate monger brigade operates 24/7 in shifts and immediately starts bombardment through social media platforms on any development different from their own brand of religious ideology.

What Salman Khursheed said about BJP’s Hindutva ideology, in comparison with ISIS or Boko haram, is true and to a great extent a bit short of the reality.

ISIS and Boko Haram operating without legitimacy whereas BJP in India spreading extremism as an elected legitimate stakeholder. Undoubtedly, India’s journey on the path of extremism and radicalization under BJP rule is accelerating with unimaginable speed.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.

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