India mobilising parallel regime in Afghanistan


CA reluctant to support Indian Plan

PO Exclusive

India recently secretly arranged a meeting between foreign officials high and anti-Taliban elements from AmrullahSaleh group in New Delhi at an informal gethering. Ghani regime NSA, VP, and some former Afghan diplomats attended the meeting arranged by India’s MEA.

However, visiting Central Asian FMs avoided a formal inter-action with elements working to estab-lish a United Afghan Front against Taliban regime.

Indian former diplomats and Ministry of External Affairs retired men have been assigned to run a parallel ‘Foreign Ministry’ with a logistic office in a Central Asian country which had allowed support to Panjshir Valley resistance forces back in September 2021. But most Central Asian authorities are reluctant to become a party to a new conflict in neighboring Afghanistan.

The Indian sponsored so-called an “Afghan Ministry of Foreign Office’ is being set up and India-based operatives were allowed on December 19 to com-municate with officials from a Western country and some Central Asian elements.

It may be recalled that a French high official and five Central Asian Foreign Ministers were in India when India was hosting anti-Taliban members.

Indian sources claimed that some Central Asian states and France is ready to back Indian demand for deployment of India Peace Keeping forces manned by India at least in Northern and Western Afghani-stan.

According to an Indian source in one of its commu-nication, the anti-Taliban elements had urged the Organization of Islamic States not to recognise Taliban.

A Central Asian diplomatic source speaking on condition of anonymity told this scribe that India-backed anti-Taliban front is also in contact with former Afghan leader Hamid Karzai and is seeking his support for a new resistance front. Karzai is well known for his invitations to foreign forces and countries for intervention in Afghanistan. However, there is also a strong opposition to Hamid Karzai within anti-Taliban ranks as he himself conceded in a recent interview that “Taliban did not take Kabul but I invited them to take over”. India invited Karzai and other anti-Taliban elements to set up a govt.-in-exile in a neighboring Central Asian state.


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