India exposed again



PAKISTAN’S intelligence agencies really deserve appreciation for their hard-work in tracking down those behind the dirty Johar Town terrorist attack within days as their investigations confirm Indian hand in the condemnable incident.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security Moeed Yusuf presented tangible evidence before the media on Sunday which showed that the main mastermind belongs to the RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, who is an Indian national and is based in India. He said the main executor, Eid Gul, was an Afghan living in Pakistan.

Unlike India, which is in the habit of jumping to conclusions, Pakistan did not point fingers towards New Delhi before intelligence gathering but the findings confirm the widely-held belief that the foreign hand was involved in the incident.

The use of an Afghan national in the terrorist attack also substantiates, once again, claims of Pakistani authorities that Afghan soil and nationals were being used by RAW in its activities aimed at destabilizing the country.

It is highly regrettable that while Pakistan is being maligned and penalized merely on the basis of negative propaganda by vested interests on the issue of terrorism, the world community has almost closed its eyes to the documentary evidence presented both by Pakistan and some independent global forums linking India with terrorist incidents in Pakistan.

While Islamabad submitted dossiers containing information about India’s subversive activities in Pakistan, a recent report by EU DisinfoLab, an international reputed organization, provided a detailed account of how “hundreds and thousands of fake outlets were being used to malign Pakistan, to spread misinformation about Pakistan, and to hide what is actually a clear terrorist sponsorship by a state against another state in our region”.

The dossiers presented by Pakistan also highlighted that India was endeavouring to establish a consortium of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) with proscribed dissident organizations of Balochistan united under the banner of Bloch Raaji Aajoie Sangar (BRAS) constituted in 2018.

It is also widely believed that India was using the terror card to keep Pakistan on tenterhooks as far as the FATF is concerned and with this in view Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has rightly questioned that is it not a responsibility of the FATF to hold India accountable for its terror financing.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad too has asserted that India’s dirty face would be exposed at international forums but a robust strategy will have to be evolved for the purpose in view of Indian clout at global level.

This is because the world was provided evidence on Indian training of terrorists, their arming and funding as well as use of soil of other countries against Pakistan but the international community failed to act responsibly, which is yet another manifestation of double standards on the issue of terrorism.



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