Increase in the sale of clay-made pots, utensils brings joy to potters

Our Correspondent

Once again the trend of using clay-made utensils, and water pots for households have started gaining ground in Sujawal, Thatta, and its adjoining areas, as it seems that the common folk has once again realized the importance of clay pots and the benefits of using these pots.

With the increasing demand for plastic and bronze-made utensils, the use of clay pots dwindled but now once again people are turning back towards the use of clay pots in the Larr region of Sindh that includes the areas of Thatta, Sujawal, Badin, Thar, and Tando Mohammad Khan.

Almost three decades ago pottery was a profitable business and potters who usually belonged to the Kumbar tribe in Sindh used to earn their livelihood by making and selling clay-made utensils, ornaments, and water pots but by the passage of time the pottery industry faced sharp decline.

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