Inclusion of tainted ministers in Fed Cabinet challenged



Inclusion of those facing NAB charges and other criminal cases in federal cabinet has been challenged in Sindh High Court on Thursday.

Petitioner Mehmood Akhtar Naqvi pleaded that most of the federal cabinet ministers including the prime minister are facing NAB charges and FIA cases.

Chief Justice Ahmed Ali M. Shaikh asked the petitioner to inform the court, about the clause of the constitution under which these accused could not be members of the cabinet.

The petitioner said that the court has earlier removed three prime ministers, while the cabinet members Khawaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, Saad Rafique, Syed Khursheed Shah and others facing charges in NAB cases. Every institution is bound to function within the jurisdiction of the constitution and the law, petitioner said.“Point out the law under which they could not be given ministries,” Chief Justice Shaikh asked.

“How can the federal ministers, advisers and state ministers facing criminal cases, could be included to the cabinet,” the petitioner questioned. “The cabinet division has played with the constitution”, he said and pleaded removal of the ministers tainted with NAB and other criminal charges from the cabinet.

The court reserved its decision over maintainability of the petition and will likely to announce its verdict yesterday.