Imran’s govt does not believes in fulfilling promises: Wahab


Staff Reporter
Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that Imran Khan’s federal government does not believe in the promises made and the way in which the government is acting in a biased manner is shameful and reprehensible.
He expressed these views while addressing a press conference in the committee room of Sindh Assembly Building here on Monday.
He said that the issue of census is important if the exact population figures of a province are not known then how are they approved. The actual population of Sindh has not been recorded in the census. When PTI was in opposition, it was on the issue of census and now that it has come to power, PTI has broken its promise.
He said that the PTI government had taken a u-turn in the meeting of the Council of Common Interests but in the meeting of the Council of Common Interests Murad Ali Shah had raised the issue of Sindh.
He said that the common demand of the Council of Common Interests was that the committee would make recommendations after consulting the provinces but the report of the committee was approved by the cabinet without consulting the provinces. The CCI is a major constitutional body headed by the Prime Minister. Failure to implement the decision of the Council of Common Interests is a clear violation of the Constitution.
He said that the census is important because if the correct population is not registered then how can resources be obtained. The exact population was not recorded in the 2017 census, on which the PTI raised its voice with the PPP in 2017. “We hoped to increase our share, but they are not giving what they have decided,” he said.
He added that the cut off of gas supply was also a problem. The provision in the constitution of Pakistan is not being implemented. Article 158 states that the first right to minerals and natural resources from the provinces belong to the province. The matter also went to court
The Sindh High Court ruled in favor of the province.
He said that Sindh produces 68% of gas and Sindh has the first right to gas but it is unfortunate that our stoves have become cold and industrial activities have come to a standstill. We are not constitutionally preferred.
He said that Pakistan’s major exports are from Sindh and the Prime Minister tweets that most of the taxes are collected from these industrial areas. He said that Kotri Jamshoro industrial units are also the largest employers. He said that the industrialists of Karachi also agreed to buy expensive gas but still gas was not provided. Not giving gas to industries which is also morally wrong. We do not know what the ministers tell you.
He said that Sindh province is represented in the federation. In which PTI, GDA and MQM are represented. There are six federal ministers from Sindh. Why don’t they talk about the rights and legitimate part of Sindh. This is their primary responsibility.

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