Imran vows to take legal action against police on siege of his house


Announces rally at Minar-i-Pakistan on Wednesday

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday said he would take legal action against Punjab police, including “every single officer” who participated in the “attack” on his Zaman Park residence in Lahore a day earlier.

A visibly irate Imran made the remarks while addressing the nation a day after hours-long clashes were reported between PTI workers and the capital police after the former prime minister arrived at the Federal Judicial Complex to attend a hearing in the Toshakhana case.

As Imran left his Za­­man Park residence to appear before the judge, a heavy contingent of police also launched a search operation at his house.

Talking about the police operation at Zaman Park, Imran said officials broke down the gate and his walls while only his wife, Bushra Bibi, and a select few servants were present.

“I want to ask everyone, police, army officers, the judges of this country and the people [about] the respect of chaddor and char dewari in Islam.” He said he wanted to address the matter last night but could not. “It was good that I didn’t because I was angry. And a person should not talk when he is angry.”

He said that officials knew that Bushra Bibi, a woman who was not involved in politics, was home alone. “To do this at someone’s home, tell me what you would have felt. I am asking my army officers. What would you have felt?” he asked, posing the same question to police officials.

Imran alleged that officials carrying out the operation “looted” his home. “Is the police supposed to loot homes? They looted whatever they found. Do you not have any shame?” he asked as he targeted Punjab Inspector General Usman Anwar and used choice words for him. He said that the PTI would initiate contempt proceedings in the LHC and also take legal action against Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi in connection with the death of Ali Bilal, alias Zille Shah, a worker of the PTI.