Imran trying to pressurise institutions: PMLN


PMLN Women Wing leader Dr Ayesha Abdullah has said that Imran Khan was trying unsuccessfully to put pressure on the institutions. Imran has been running away for seven consecutive years in the foreign funding case, she said in a statement issued here on Wednesday.

Dr Ayesha added that in Malam Jabba and BRT scandals too, Imran Khan has stayed away from the courts. “Foreign funding case has become a matter of survival for Imran Khan and PTI political future. Putting pressure on institutions is an old way of Imran Khan,” she added. She said instead of competing in the political arena Imran Khan is using backdoors to come to power.

With Shehbaz Sharif becoming the Prime Minister, Imran Khan could not sleep, she said and added that for a month now ‘Imrani gang’ has made Pakistan a spectacle in the whole world. Dr Ayesha said that elections will be held on time. “Let Imran Khan sit as long as he wants. The people of Pakistan have rejected Imran Khan’s duplicitous politics,” she said.