Imran spreading hate, instigating people for violence: Marriyum

Ijaz Kakakhel

Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Monday claimed that PTI chief Imran Khan is a drama expert, “instigating the public” with violence and hate speech.

Talking to journalists, she alleged that Imran khan was the mastermind of the Shahbaz Gill controversy and the anti-army campaign. She also said that Imran’s threatening remarks against a lady judge has exposed his integrity.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said when the PTI chairman realized that the economy was improving, he tried to create sedition, corruption, chaos and political instability with the aim of economic stability and people’s welfare in danger. The federal minister said that Imran Khan laid economic tunnels in the last four years, adding that he destroyed the IMF program to bankrupt the country.

“Foreign funding has been proven against Imran Khan and now he is trying to create chaos and unrest in the country by spreading his fabricated and baseless narrative,” she added.

The minister recalled that when the PTI government was ousted, it had left behind a “landmine” for the incumbent coalition rulers. “Ever since we have been trying to fix the economy. And we have succeeded considerably as the market is regaining confidence.

“But this man, Imran just can’t stand to see this,” she said. “When this man saw that the situation was finally getting better, he decided to spread so much hate and anarchism that the confidence of the economy started shaking again.”

Referring to the PTI chief’s statements at the rally in the capital on Saturday, Aurangzeb said that Imran was a “thug” and who instigated people and then ran away. “He ran away from the Election Commission of Pakistan, FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), helicopter case, Toshakhana Reference and closed down all the investigations.”


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