Imran speaks with firm conviction, does not flee abroad: Cheema


Adviser on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that if Imran Khan is not mentioned from the discussion of PDM leaders then their w orn long faces are left behind. Imran Khan speaks with a firm conviction and does not flee to Jeddah or London in the darkness of night. Those invading the Supreme Court, Memogate, Dawn leaks have taken refuge in Islamabad nowadays.

Omar Sarfaraz Cheema apprised that the statement of Imran Khan was about such unknown conspiracy characters that attack in an ambush. They used to make calls from unknown numbers and then they clamour for attacking the institutions. When they are caught red-handed for stealing then they pose as being oppressed. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema further said that PML-N obtained an unconstitutional verdict from the court by putting it under duress.

They firstly made Hamza Shahbaz Chief Minister and later the Speaker National Assembly was used for administering an oath to Hamza Shahbaz through the same unconstitutional court verdict. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that an unconstitutional government came to an end in Punjab by the Lahore High Court larger bench judgement.

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