Imran sets condition for returning to National Assembly

Imran Khan

Says movement will only stop after poll dates

The PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, on Saturday said that his party MNAs will return to the National Assembly if the government decides to investigate the cipher from Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington allegedly containing comments regarding the vote of no-confidence against him.

Khan’s remarks came during a conversation with journalists in Islamabad.

The cipher, based on then-envoy Asad Majeed’s meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Donald Lu, is at the heart of PTI’s allegations that his ouster from office was all part of a foreign conspiracy.

Speaking to journalists Saturday, Khan also spoke of his party’s relations with the establishment. “The PTI had good relations with the establishment, I don’t know how and when they worsened,” he said.

“The government needs to have better relations with the establishment than the Opposition,” he said, adding: “How can we have links with the establishment while being in the Opposition?”

He said that the establishment in Pakistan is a reality and it “has all the powers”.

The former premier said that his government always desired good relations with everyone in the region in the national interest.

Khan, while taking a jibe at the government, said that its priorities are “not the economy but ending its corruption cases”.

The government has dismissed National Accountability Bureau’s cases worth Rs1,100 billion, said the PTI chief, adding that former finance minister Ishaq Dar has decided to return to Pakistan as soon as NAB’s case against him ends. He further claimed that Nawaz Sharif is also preparing to return back.

“If we get to rule the country again, we will not repeat the mistakes made in the past. The PTI government had come into power for the first time and hence, mistakes were made,” he admitted. The former premier also said that his party has a “comprehensive plan” to stabilise the economy. The PTI chief further said that he wants relations with everyone in the region in the national interest, but there can be no foreign policy of New Delhi’s superiority and recognition of Israel, adding that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to break Pakistan. “I want relations with the US under national interests,” he added.

Meanwhile, addressing his party’s power show in Rahim Yar Khan on Saturday, Imran Khan said that his movement for “real freedom” against the coalition government will not stop until the announcement of early and transparent elections.

“You remain prepared I will give you [protest] call when my opponents believe that Imran Khan has given up and that day is not far,” he said.

“I will give call when I believe I can take three wickets in one ball… I am monitoring the preparations of our activists and I will give call the day when I believe we are fully prepared.”PM Shehbaz was imposed upon the country not because he had any leadership qualities but because he would take dictation from all powers including IMF, he added.

He said incumbent rulers were trying to disqualify him as they are scared of the people’s power.

“Four people have made a decision behind closed doors to have me assassinated… they are still working on this plan,” he claimed.


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