Imran selling ‘conspiracy narrative’ to hide his incompetence: Sen Siddique


Senator Irfan Siddique Friday said former prime minister Imran Khan was trying to hide his incompetence and bad governance and take refuge in the so-called foreign conspiracy.

He had nothing to sell to the people and seek their votes as his three and a half years government’s performance was abysmal, and that was why opted for the ‘conspiracy narrative’ for his ouster from the power, he said in a statement.

He said today the National Security Council (NSC) after its meeting again announced that there was no regime change conspiracy and Imran Khan should stop the drama on that count. He, however, lamented that he (Imran Khan) would not do so as he had not even accepted the report of Justice NasirulMulk.

Senator Siddique said a judicial commission headed by Justice NasirulMulk was constituted to investigate alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections. Imran Khan had given a guarantee in writing that he would accept the commission’s findings, but he did not accept the findings of the commission, which had rejected his rigging allegations.

He said Imran Khan’s dilemma was that he had not a single achievement to his credit, and he had to wave letters and propagate the so-called ‘conspiracy narrative’.


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