Imran says not COAS’ job to contact US for help

Imran Khan Charter of Economy

In an interview with a private TV channel talking about contacts of Army Chief Qamar Javaid Bajwa with US about early release of IMF tranche Imran said, “if these reports are correct, then it implies we are weakening as a country”.

Imran said it was not the army chief’s job to undertake such efforts.

He said America would also make demands of Pakistan if it helped Pakistan economically. “I fear our national security will weaken in the face of US demands, and eventually Pakistan will suffer.”

He also underlined that his party’s funding sources were disclosed, saying “we have a database of 40,000 people who fund us.”

Imran alleged the two families — Sharifs and Zardaris — had been “looting” the country for 30 years, adding whether those “having power in Pakistan” had no idea about the alleged graft of the two parties.

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