Imran says ‘current rulers playing political games for NRO-II’


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has said that the current rulers are playing political games just to get NRO-II.

Imran Khan, while addressing PTI workers in Islamabad today, urged that it is necessary to end the rulership of the thieves in the country at the earliest. He asked PTI workers to complete preparations before his next announcement against the incumbent government.

Imran Khan asked PTI workers to get ready for his next call and said that each activist will have to make the nationals aware of the sensitivity of the ongoing crisis in the country. He said that PTI workers will now bow their heads before anyone else except Allah Almighty. He criticised that the present government had exhibited a tyrannical attitude during PTI’s long march in Islamabad just like Kashmiris are facing oppression in the occupied territory. He said that innocent children and women were affected by teargassing and peaceful protestors were attacked like criminals and terrorists by the police force.

Khan said that the nation had come out of their houses to reject the rulership of the dacoits that is imposed through an alleged foreign conspiracy. “Three long marches were organised during the PTI tenure but were not stopped. We had offered containers and food to them.”

Imran Khan said that the people could not be neutral when it is a matter of right or wrong. He added that Allah Almighty has ordered to support the right side. The PTI chairman said that Pakistan was not founded to become the slave of the West instead of Hindus. He censured the coalition government for a massive increase in the inflation rate, fall in rupee value, stock exchange, revenues and exports.

The former premier said that exports have fallen up to 10 per cent besides the reduction in the revenues. He warned of the economic situation like Sri Lanka in Pakistan if the economic crisis deepens.

Regarding the corruption cases against the current rulers, Imran Khan said that those who were investigating the cases against Shehbaz Sharif and his sons have died in mysterious circumstances. He said that the cases will be dissolved by ending the powers of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

“I am telling you from the first day, the political game is being played for NRO-II. If a person like Raja Riaz is becoming an opposition leader, then you should understand it as the end of the parliament.

Media houses are being given threats to refrain from Imran Khan’s coverage. Fake FIRs are being registered against the journalists, whereas, several FIRs are lodged against me and PTI workers.”

He asked PTI workers to be prepared for responding to his call against the current rulers. He reiterated that PTI will stand firmly on its demand to end the ‘imported government’ and fresh elections.—INP