Imran Riaz Khan’s wife shares update as whereabouts of defiant TV host remain unknown


LAHORE – TV host Imran Riaz Khan was arrested by police last week however the journalist’s whereabouts remain unknown, which draws the ire of the Lahore High Court.

As the court gave deadlines to present Imran in court, Khan’s wife on Monday released a statement to share an update on his disappearance.

A video shared by the account named Mrs Imran shows the wife of a defiant journalist, who called Imran Riaz Khan the most vocal person in the country, and mentioned that the family remains unaware of Imran’s whereabouts for the last five days.

Remembering his husband’s contributions in the last 1.5 decades, she said Imran’s parents nurtured him to speak the truth and he stands firm against the corrupt factors. The wife of the TV host then requested all Pakistanis to raise their voices for Imran, a staunch supporter of Imran Khan.

She then hailed the conduct of judges and lawyers who according to her played a crucial role in hard times. Mrs. Imran termed the upcoming 48 hours very critical.

The recent development comes after Lahore High Court suspended a station house officer and asked authorities to produce Imran Riaz.

Anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan arrested from Lahore