Imran plays final card


Addressing much-anticipated public gathering in Rawalpindi on Saturday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan while restraining from marching to the federal capital surprised everybody including those sitting in the government when he announced to quit provincial assemblies.

This indeed is a big decision on part of PTI Chairman who in fact played his last card to pressurise the government to announce early general elections.

In parliamentary form of government, political parties resolve their matters in assemblies no matter how complex they are yet it is really unfortunate that the PTI has always opted for runaway.

In our view the latest decision by Khan is only aimed at staying relevant in politics after creating so much hype around the long march that we believe could not pull much crowd.

Any way if the PTI goes ahead with this decision after consultations within the party and its ally PML-Q, it would mean that the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be dissolved while the party’s MPAs sitting in Balochistan and Sindh Assemblies would also resign.

The coalition government would also not be sitting and watching but come up with a counter move and most probably will try to prevent dissolution of assemblies through no confidence motions.

This whole political tug of war is only adding to uncertain situation which is not at all good for the country’s struggling economy as in such kind of situation the private sector and investors remain at bay.

This political upheaval is also sending negative messages abroad. Hence sanity must prevail to take the country in right direction while rising above petty vested interests.

As we have been suggesting in these columns time and again, dialogue is the only way forward.

While shunning intransigence, both sides should sit together and settle their issues. Greater responsibility rests with coalition government to approach the PTI for talks and the latter would also need to demonstrate flexibility in order to reach some sort of consensus.

In our view a grand dialogue is need of the hour. Apart from deciding next election date, it must also be ensured that results of future elections are also accepted by losing parties.

If this requires reforms in election related laws, then it should be done so that this drama of accusations of rigging is also buried once for all.

The people are fed up of this political confrontation, as they want focus of political leadership on resolution of their problems.

Political leadership must demonstrate maturity in their ranks before it is too late. National interest must prevail over political interest