Imran now to focus on provision of relief to masses

Sharafat Kazmi

Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to take vote of confidence of the National Assembly today and then focus on provision of relief to masses after successfully overcoming the unprecedented challenges on the economic front and dealing with the coronavirus pandemic hitherto prudently.

In order to wriggle out of the situation, unleashed in the wake of the shock defeat of the government candidate Finance Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh at the hands of Pakistan Democratic Movement candidate Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, Prime Minister went for the bold option of going to the assembly for the vote of confidence.

The government sources insist that the hard time was nearing end because of the prudent policies of Prime Minister-led government.

The cricketer-turned politician, who rose to become chief executive of the country, is in the habit of taking the challenges head on.

It goes without saying that what the PTI-led coalition government desperately needs at this critical juncture is political stability to carry forward its people-friendly agenda, enshrined in the ruling party manifesto.

Prime Minister has played master strokes since formation of the government in 2018.

Institutional reforms have successful done away with overstaffing and certain departments, which were no more required: Thousands of government departments were eliminated in the backdrop of the 18th amendment, when several ministries and departments were devolved to the federating units.

The landmark package for growers is in its final stages to be unleashed soon.

While the large-scale manufacturing industry has witnessed a turnaround, the textile industry is running to the full and as Prime Minister said recently is short of skilled labour.

The mountain of current account deficit has been dealt with and exports are increasing as well as remittances from the overseas Pakistanis

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