Imran Khan destroyed Pakistan’s economy: Ahsan Iqbal


Says PTI makes unacceptable treaties with IMF to stack freedom of nation

Bashir Ahmad Rehmani

Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal has said that in 2018, government of Pakistan was given to an incompetent person who had not experience of running affairs of union council, as a result of which, Imran Khan was ruined the national economy, make unacceptable treaties with IMF to stack the freedom of the nation and surrendered financial sovereignty of Pakistan.

While addressing a workers convention of PML-N at village Rasulpur Tarar near Hafizabad, he said that Imran Khan was not build a single room in the country, destroyed CPAC and buried the national economy in debts if he was remain Prime Minister for some more days, the country was declared bankruptcy. He said that government of PML-N was stand the country on its foot to introduce result-oriented policies while Pakistani Rupees was strengthening and dollar rates was come down from 240 to 215 or 219.

He said that Pakistan came into being with the power of vote and with commitment instead of power of guns, war or other way under the leadership of father of the nation Quid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and only after ten years, power of vote was snatched and martial laws was imposed as a result which we were lost half of the country. He further said that Pakistan was a agricultural country and Pakistan was self-reliance in wheat, sugar and cotton in the period of PMLN but unfortunately, during the four year period of Imran Khan, production of wheat, sugar and cotton was decreased which was showed complete failure of Imran Khan government.

He further said that in 1973, constitution of Pakistan was approved by the parliament but once again power of vote was dishonored and martial law was imposed in 1977 which was continue till eleven years while during this period, Kalashnikov was given in the hands of youth instead of computers and books.

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