Imran disrespected PM’s position by selling Toshakhana gifts: PPP



Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Secretary General Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said Wednesday that Imran Khan had disrespected the position of the prime minister by selling the watch gifted to him by the Saudi crown prince.

“Selling the gift of the Saudi crown prince at low price reflects the low mentality ofImran Khan. Imran Khan has emerged as a dishonest person after the buyer of Toshakhana giftscame to the fore,” he castigated.

“The self-proclaimed Sadiq and Amin has turned out to be a merchant of profitable business and the government’s revenue. His so-called honesty and integrity have been exposed,” he deplored. “A false slogan of change and Tsunami will soon go into obscurity. The so-called Sadiq and Amin did not disclose the income received from the sale of the gifts even in his assets,” he loathed.— INP

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