Imran blasts govt for burdening poor

PTI MNAs denotified


Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has lashed out at the government saying that instead of buying cheaper oil from Russia, the rulers have burdened the poor masses with price hike, besides lambasting them saying they have given themselves a second NRO to the tune of Rs1,100 billion.

In his tweet on Friday, Imran Khan said: “Instead of buying cheaper oil from Russia Imported govt, brought in by US regime change conspiracy, continues to put unbearable burden on people while giving themselves NRO2 worth Rs 1100 bn. Total increase Rs 99 for petrol, Rs 133 for diesel. Join our protest against this tomorrow.”

On the other hand, former interior minister and Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has criticized the government for raising petrol prices saying that people will be administered more injections of price hike in the month of July.—INP


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