Imran advises workers to start door-to-door election campaign

Imran Khan Charter of Economy

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday advised the workers to start the door-to-door campaign ahead of the Lahore by-elections.

Addressing the workers’ convention in Lahore, the former prime minister said that he wants bravery from his party’s candidate Malik Nawaz Awan, adding he (Imran) stood by the side of Malik Nawaz Awan.

The former premier urged the workers to start the door-to door-campaign in order to raise the slogan of ‘Lotas’, which are not acceptable.

Imran Khan said: “We have to defeat this government because they have imposed on us forcefully”.

He once again said that this government is illegal and imported, adding that the country will not bow its head to the US and imported government at any cost.

Imran Khan said this is not the war of merely this constituency, adding that is the election of Punjab, which means this is the election of Pakistan.

PTI Chairman has urged again the workers to launch door to door and convey a message that for those who sold their conscience and joined their hands with looters, it is everybody’s responsibility to dismiss them.

Imran Khan said a group of looters have been imposed through US conspiracy, adding that they could only win elections only with the help of an umpire.

The former premier said he hired Rao Sardar as IG because he was honest and who would not do anything wrong, adding that entire Punjab is looking at IG.

Imran said: “If you (IG) will do anything wrong, then the questions will be raised on your honesty.”

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