Imran admits investing Shaukat Khanum funds in housing project


In a hearing of Rs10 billion damages case against Khawaja Asif, the former prime minister Imran Khan had admitted to invest the money from the Shaukat Khanum’s funds in the housing project.

The lawyer of Khawaja Asif, Barrister Haider Rasool, questioned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan over the investment in construction project on which PTI supremo said the board of Shaukat Khanum informed him of spending money from the hospital’s funds but he did not remember the name of the housing project.

Imran said he also did not remember whether the board informed him through writing, while saying the board members returned $3 million and the matter was settled.

Responding to this response of PTI chairman, Kh Asif’s lawyer said the rate of one dollar was Rs60 when the funds were invested but when the money was returned the rate was Rs120. After that Imran Khan’s lawyer requested for the postponement of the hearing.

Imran Khan also said to Asif’s lawyer that he should not try to deviate the whole proceedings and if the case was handled truthfully the matter could be resolved early.