Imran & accomplices should surrender before law


PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his accomplices would have to surrender themselves before the law of the land as their threats to institutions were doomed to fail.

Uzma Bukhari, a senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) said this while speaking to media on Sunday. She said Imran Khan should be held accountable for embezzling donation’s funds.

She also urged the government to take immediate action as Pakistani political parties were not ready to tolerate Imran Khan, who devoured the money received from prohibited sources and used that money for destabilizing the country, sabotaging China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC) project and harming Kashmir cause.

She said Imran had also deceived overseas Pakistanis as he was caught red handed in utilising donation money for creating chaos and anarchy in the country.—NNI

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