Imported govt at brink of extinction: CM



Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said that the imported federal government, that came into existence under the regime change conspiracy, is now at the brink of extinction as they have lost on all fronts due to their incompetence and selfish policies.

The self-centered policies of the imported rulers have devastated the national economy, making the life of ordinary citizens miserable.

The Chief Minister said that the Pakistani nation has a crucial decision to make; they will have to play their role in eradicating corrupt practices from politics in order to steer the country out of the prevailing politico-economic crisis.

In his statement issued from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat on Wednesday, Mahmood Khan said that PTI is the only political party that is representative of the federation and is striving for the rights of its citizens.

This is evident from the fact that 14 corrupt political parties, in the shape of PDM, have formed a unified front against Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.

Liberals, nationalists, conservatives, religious and various other political parties have united and put their so-called ideologies to the wind in an attempt to subdue Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

This is proof that all the component parties of PDM have been using their ideologies to mislead the masses for the past many decades and get into power for looting the nation’s wealth.

The Chief Minister said that the PTI-led previous federal government, despite numerous challenges, had put the national economy on track of development and taken visible steps to restore the national prestige and identity not only within the region but at the international level.

Unfortunately, the self-centred political elements involved in PDM resorted to a conspiracy and toppled a democratically elected government to restore their heinous reign.

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