Implementing of Senior Citizens Welfare Bill stressed


Our Correspondent


Ms Maria Soomro, the Project Coordinator, Help Age International Project, expressed her concerns over delaying in implementing on senior citizens welfare bill even though they were 6.8 percent of the total population and this percentage would rise to 15.8 percent by 2050.
Speaking in an event on Friday, she acclaimed the efforts of the government for passing the senior citizens welfare bill from Sindh Assembly in 2016 and urged the media and elected representatives to play their pivotal role in its implementation and due to lack of its implementation the older people were facing many problems.
According to her, section 9 (3) of the Act states that the senior citizens shall be allowed the following privileges on the basis of senior citizen card: free of charge entry to public museums, libraries, parks and recreation facilities; financial supports to deserving senior citizens; separate counters for senior citizens in hospitals; concession in medical and medicine charges; separate medical wards; and membership of organization of senior citizens corps.