Illegal fishing continues in Indus despite ban


Illegal fishing has become a practice here with a nexus between the fishing department, local administration and illegal hunters, sources said.

Unscrupulous people with support from the fishing and local administration officials have continued poaching on a massive scale with a dangerous practice of fishing, releasing electric current in the water, according to sources.

Punjab government has imposed a ban for 10 years on fishing in Indus River in view of dwindling fish and other water species in the river. Fishing has been declared unlawful in the river to boost the water species in the river.

The province has cancelled all multi-million rupees annual contracts for fishing at Chashma Barrage, Jinnah Barrage at Kalabagh and Nimal Lake. However, rampant fishing continuing here with disregard to the government ban on fishing, sources added. It is to be mentioned here that illegal fishing is a key driver of global overfishing, which threatens to marine ecosystems.


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