IIU terminates services of Dr Mushtaq for long absence from duty

City Reporter

International Islamic University has terminated the services of Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq , Associate Professor after his long absence from the office and failure to submit a reply on the charge sheet served.

According to the spokesman of the university, an inquiry committee made on the issue of Dr. Muhammad Mushatq had found that Dr. Muhmmad Mushtaq did not submit reply on the charge sheet within the stipulated period. After this, the authorized officer had recommended termination of his services.

Referring to the negative propaganda by some elements, the spokesman said that they were disseminating that termination of the services of Dr. Mushtaq was reaction to the voice he raised on the issue of a case that happened in IIUI hostels.

He said that it was nothing more than fabricated angling and a pack of lies because that particular issue occurred on June 18, while the university had asked Dr. Mushtaq on April 5 through a memorandum to clear his reasons of months long absence from duties at Shariah academy.

The Spokesman clarified that university, on that very day of the happening of the incident in the hostels, took immediate action the culprits and that happening had nothing to do with this issue.

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