IIU management to ensure restoration of peace in university


International Islamic University spokesman Nasir Farid has said that an untoward and violent incident took place on the campus on 3rd of January this year and an investigation was immediately launched in the light of the instructions of the President of the University.

The investigation was done through CCTV footage. In the light of the investigation of the incident the disciplinary recommended disciplinary action against the guilty students so that no such incident would take place in future.

As per recommendations of the committee, guilty students were punished accordingly. However, after hearing their appeals, the president of the university exercised his powers and reduced the sentences of the students in view of their future and the plight of their parents.

In response, the students once again sabotaged the law and order of the university in the last few days and they have been protesting violently in response to the leniency and mitigation showed by the university.

He said that the president of the university has said that students are our children and the administration does not want to ruin their future, that is why their punishments have been reduced.

He further said that the university could take action against the students for stopping the buses, closing the gates of the university and their previous punishment can be restored for disrupting the academic activities but the university was still treating them leniently. He also said that International Islamic University is in contact with the protesting students and they have been conveyed to stop this activity as their punishments have already been reduced.

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