IIOJK’s Lal Chowk massacre a gruesome act against humanity


Lal Chowk massacre of 1993 is still considered as one of the grisliest incidents of brutality and gross human rights violations committed by Indian forces in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), exposing the repugnant masquerade of the Indian government.

On 10th April 1993, a large section of downtown Srinagar known as Lal Chowk was burnt to the ground by Indian paramilitary troops. More than 60 houses, five commercial buildings, 150 shops, two official buildings, shrines, schools were completely burnt to ashes. A total of 47 innocent civilians were burnt alive and over 125 were killed by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF). This massacre was consistent with the policy of repression and subjugation by the government of India and its collaborators to silence the people’s resistance against the illegal occupation, according to experts.

They were of the view that India had purposefully adopted laws and policies that systematically discriminated against Muslims, turning India into an unsafe place for the Muslims.

Besides, Indian judicial system was saffronised that failed to provide justice to the Muslims and due to this, convicted criminals of Lal Chowk massacre were still freely moving in India.

India has been the largest violator of the human rights. From Kashmir to mainland India, minorities rights had been violated under the patronage of Indian state.

“Indian army doesn’t regard international humanitarian laws and violates human rights with sheer impunity. India disrespects international laws and international norms and has become a threat to regional peace. Excessive chauvinism and pseudo-pride have engulfed the whole state; thus, India acts irrationally on the global stage and uses disinformation to hide its heinous crimes,” the experts opined.—KMS


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