IIA takes steps to protect health and safety of labourers


Collaboration with Employers Federation of Pakistan and Islamabad Industrial Association (IIA) and with the support of International Labor Organization, a workshop was organized in Islamabad Industrial Area to create awareness among employees on labor health and safety among employers. Addressing the Workshop, Central Chairman EFP and host of the event Mian Akram Farid said that in the 110th annual labor conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Labor Standard Laws 155 and 187 protect the basic rights of workers, safety and basic health.

110th International Labor Conference on International Labor Standards on Safe and Healthy Working Environments, Convention No. 155 on Occupational Safety and Health and No. 187 on the Promotional Framework of the Occupational Safety and Health Convention I was included in the existing fundamental principles and rights The works.

The Organization requires Member States to adopt safety and health measures to respect and promote these principles and rights.

Training is critical to enhancing the skills of employees to enhance the role of labour in further sustainable development efforts that respect and promote rights and create more employment opportunities.

GSP Plus status Compliance is the primary responsibility of employers and employers. In this regard, Employers Federation of Pakistan has organized a series of awareness-raising workshops for employers.

The objective of these workshops is to create awareness among employers. In order for them to better understand, safe and healthy work environment is the foundation of decent work which is very important to increase safety and productivity of workers.