IHC questions NAB’s about Maryam’s ownership of London property


The National Accountability Bureau’s prosecution team on Wednesday faced tough queries from the Islamabad High Court regarding the establishment of the beneficial ownership of Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Maryam Nawaz in the Avenfield apartments case.

A division bench of the IHC led by Justice Aamer Farooq resumed the hearing of the appeal filed by Maryam Nawaz against her conviction.

The bench was hearing her application for acquittal based on certain facts put forth against her being established as the beneficial owner of the Avenfield apartments by the accountability watchdog. The plea was moved by Irfan Qadir.

The bench declared that the primary onus is on NAB to prove that Maryam is the beneficial owner.

“We can’t hold anyone responsible on public perception, which might be true, but this is a criminal case wherein you have to establish case through evidence”, said Justice Farooq. He asked NAB’s attorney to give ‘independent evidence’ for establishing Maryam Nawaz’s ownership of the Avenfield apartments.

The bench also questioned how the burden was shifted to Maryam – who denied ownership as she is a trusty – when the principal accused, Nawaz Sharif, was the one who could not explain the source of the funds.

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