IHC moved to create Islamabad’s Legislative Assembly



A petition in Islamabad High Court (IHC) is moved seeking to create a legislative assembly in the Federal Capital to address its political and administrative affairs.

The petition, filed by Barrister Yawar Abbas argues that the current law, being inconsistent with the basic structure and the mandate of the constitution, is contrary to the fundamental rights of the citizens of Islamabad.

The petition further states that laws with regard to the capital are made by the National Assembly, in which Islamabad has less than 1% representation.

Any law made for Islamabad is subject to being voted by MNAs from all over Pakistan. It states that the equality of citizens is a fundamental right enshrined in Article 25 of the Constitution.

This right is derived from the principles of Islam. Moreover, the administrative control of Islamabad is vested in the Chief Commissioner’s office. His office enjoys the powers of a provincial government.

This appointment, as per the petition, is not only unconstitutional as it lacks the consent of the Capital’s citizens but also a portrayal of the British Raj. A legislative assembly in Islamabad would enable the citizens to hold accountable their policy makers and administrators.

Furthermore, the petition cites examples of the legislative assemblies of Indian and Australian Capital Territories and prays for a direction to the legislature to amend the law to create a legislative assembly for the Islamabad Capital Territory.—APP