IHC directs President to meet Baloch students, address their grievances


The Islamabad High Court has directed the President of Pakistan to meet the Baloch students to address their grievances and ensure measures for their safety.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah, while hearing the petition against the harassment of the Baloch students, ordered the secretary to the President of Pakistan to submit a report in this regard on next hearing.

He also ordered the interior secretary to meet the Baloch students for ensuring their safety, stressing the need for eliminating the fear of harassment or abduction of Baloch students in their province.

The deputy attorney general adopted before the court that the president had met the interior secretary regarding safety of the Baloch students and addressing their grievances. He, on account of the current circumstances, sought some time for a meeting of the Baloch students with the president.

Lawyer Zainab Janjua informed the high court that the students were not going homes in Balochistan fearing their abduction there.

“There is no justification for what is happening to Baloch students. Whatever the current situation may be, it does not matter,” said the IHC chief justice.

“Where had the missing student been for so long? Why should a student go missing for even one day?” he added.

“The court exercises restraint which is taken lightly. The interior minister tells the Baloch students that he is only a one-day guest. What kind of attitude is this? The country cannot run like this,” he expressed his displeasure.

“The students of Balochistan are the favorite students of this court. All reservations of the Baloch students should be addressed, but it is not happening. Why should the students be afraid of going to their province?” he pointed out.

“It is the responsibility of the federal government to address the reservations of the Baloch students, but the government does not meet them. This court expects the President of Pakistan to ensure the safety of the Baloch students,” he stated.“Direct all the universities of Islamabad not to allow racial profiling of students,” the court asked the president.

Lawyer for the Quaid-e-Azam University informed the court about the formation of a committee on the issue. “The university has also sought an answer from the professor about whom the students have reservations,” he added.


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