IGP tells CTD to ensure convictions in terrorism-related cases


Sindh police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon told the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) to focus on investigations to ensure convictions in terrorism-related cases.

Chairing a meeting on the working of the anti-terror department at the Central Police Office, the provincial inspector general of police received a briefing on proposals for restructuring and reforming the CTD, officials said, adding that he reviewed the proposals and issued necessary instructions in this regard.

The purpose of the meeting was to digitise all the responsibilities and initiatives of the department and move it in a better direction.

According to the officials, IGP Memon asked the police officers about their working and performance, as well as how many terror-financing cases they had detected until then. At this, a CTD official said they had detected one terror finance instance, which was used in a attack on Chinese. The IGP said the case was detected due to the links provided, but what other cases they had detected, and no such case was found.

Memon ordered the officers to focus on cracking down on terror financing and working on investigating cases so that convictions could be ensured. Moreover, he asked the CTD officials to focus on reining in the supply of lethal weapons and dismantling the network invovled. He told the CTD officials to thoroughly investigate suspects who were arrested with foreign-made lethal weapons, grill them about where they had got those weapon from and then catch those operating the network.

He ordered the formation two desks at the CTD Sindh – a unit to keep track of vehicles bringing lethal weapons to Sindh and a unit to seize all such weapons – so as to investigate and bring to an end the supply of arms to the province.

Sindh’s top cop said the purpose of restructuring and reforming the CTD was to digitise all its activities, including investigations, operations, training and intelligence working, adapting to the requirements of the time and improving the success graph.

He said that thanks to these measures, the CTD’s operational performance and investigative and research performance would be significantly increased. The conviction rate would also improve due to robust and effective investigations, he remarked.

The meeting was attended by the Additional IG CTD, DIG CTD and other officials. Meanwhile, to improve policing, Memon has formed a helpline 1715 where police officers and youths would be able to register their complaints and problems.

He has taken another good step for police officers and employees, under which they will be able to register their complaints not only on helpline number 1715 but also on SMS, (Online) at igpcms.sindhpolice.gov.pk, through WhatsApp number 03362140181, or by post and email address [email protected] apart from in person at the Police Officers Facilitation Desk, where they will be guided and supported by a sub-inspector rank official.

In order to be aware of police officers and employees and solve them in time, a mobile app will also be introduced soon.

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