IGP stresses need for behavioural training of recruits



Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon visited the Saeedabad Training Centre, also called Shahid Hayat Police Training Centre, where he told the principal to focus on developing training modules for the recruits, especially for improving their behaviour, so that they showed a good picture of the police after passing out.

During the visit, he inaugurated Mess No. 3 and a park located at the centre. On Memon’s arrival at the centre, a special contingent presented him with a guard of honour. He said that to make the behaviour of the police positive, it is necessary to improve their training because when the institutions improve, all matters of policing will also improve. But despite all this, he remarked, if the attitude and behaviour of the police is not positive, then there is no use of such training.

He said they are grateful to the chief minister, who has abolished the expenses of the trainees and announced the payment of mess spending by the government.

He further said that to attract the police trainees towards good behaviour, the help of motivational speakers should be taken, who should not only encourage them to do good work on a daily basis but also make them aware of its benefits in practical life.

The police chief was informed by the principal of all the issues of renovation of Mess No. 3. He was told that earlier 250 trainee recruits had access to the mess, but now the number had increased from 350 to 400.

The principal also highlighted training issues of recruits, including those related to Inter and upper school courses, as well as the required and available facilities. He said two water tankers at the centre had been made usable after repairs, but there was an urgent need for a supply line for clean drinking water.