IG seeks report on gang abuse of girl


IG Punjab sought report from RPO DG Khan on gang-associated sexual assault of a girl who was studying in local private nursing academy.

Police Station Beet Mir Hazar, tehsil Jitoi had registered FIRs against five people including the principal, vice principal and three of their accomplices on report of the girl (N).

However, according to the police all of the accused people managed to secure interim bail in the case until third of May, next month, from the court.

The victim reported in FIR that she was being abused for three consecutive days by the principal named Ikramullah with four his fellows including vice principal of the academy.

She said that she was being pressed repeatedly by the culprits who were local landlords, for holding reconciliation with her in the case.

Academy’s principal, on the other hand recorded statement to the police as the girl was his wife and she had contracted marriage on April 4 through Nikah Registrar named Qazi Muhammad Imran, in presence of witnesses namely Muhammad Jahangir and Muhammad Mutakee.—APP

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