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Punjab Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani on Sunday declared that the one who becomes protector of the oppressed and understands problems of the citizens is his favourite in the force.

“On the contrary, the one who side with the oppressor, abuse power, misbehave with citizens or treat them badly will have to face my hatred and wrath.

IG Police Inam Ghani was addressing officers and officials at a Darbar of Lahore Police held here at Alhamra Hall.

The IGP declared that black sheep have no place in the Police, adding that supervisory officers should immediately inform the superiors about the posting of unscrupulous, unruly and immoral subordinates in police stations or against public dealing seats to protect police’s public image.

He further said that the Punjab Police perform dozens of good deeds on a daily basis but still public impression of the police is not good, which is a point of great concern for all officers.

Inam Ghani stressed that eradication of crime from society by treating citizens with good manners as part of faith.

“We have to fight against land-grabbing mafia, drug-dealers, smugglers and other criminals for seeking pleasure of Allah SWT and exercise the authority and power given by Allah SWT in its true sense.

Punjab Police is celebrating the current year as the year of police stations and all development funds would be utilized for provision of all modern equipment and facilities in the police stations to build capacity of the force.”

The Punjab IG Police further said that steps are being taken to make Punjab Police a public-centric and an investigation centric force.

“We are committed to improve service delivery and reach people with the effects of modern policing.” Inam Ghani underscored that improving the workout rate is the best way to prevent crime, so along with free registration of crime, the workout rate of cases should be improved.

No-delay in registration of FIR is my top priority so file case of every crime, immediately, especially of crime in which the accused are not known, he pointed out, adding that the CPOs, DPOs and Divisional SPs concerned would have to answer for non-registration of FIR and Supervisory officers should play a key role in ridding the department of such elements who are corrupt and unruly.

The IGP informed that all the officers and personnel in Punjab Police from constable to supervisory officers are being divided into A, B and C categories and in future only A and B category will be able to be posted in police stations and fields.

Speaking on the occasion, CCPO Lahore Ghulam Mahmood Dogar said that Lahore Police have so far retrieved public and private lands worth Rs73 billion from the mafia.

As many as 128 notorious thugs have been arrested and illegal weapons including 57 Kalashnikovs, 662 rifles and hundreds of pistols have been.

Similarly, 117 gangs have been busted and more than Rs427 million have been recovered while 14kg of ice, two and a half tons of cannabis and other drugs were recovered in large quantities whereas the protests by banned organizations have also been dealt with successfully.

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