IFJHRJK expresses concern over Kashmiris’ illegal detention


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the International Forum For Justice and Human Rights Jammu and Kashmir has expressed concern over the continued illegal detention of thousands of Kashmiris arrested in the aftermath of August 5 2019 Indian moves.

The IFJHRJK Chairman, Muhammad Ahsan Untoo in a statement issued in Srinagar said, the Kashmiri detainees are not criminals but are political detainees and are being hounded purely for their political views.

He deplored that soon after India repealed Kashmir’s special status and imposed military siege in the territory, thousands of people were rounded up by the Indian authorities to suppress the people so that they could not raise their voice against the Indian illegal actions.

He said, the IFJHRJK has also released a detailed report about the sufferings of detainees in jails of India and the territory.

Thousands of innocent Kashmiris have been jailed on fabricated charges only to spread fear and terror in the minds of Kashmiris so that they surrender to the dictates of Indian state institutions engaged in one sided war against the peace-loving people just to strengthen their armed occupation.

Muhammad Ahsan Untoo deplored many Kashmiris have been kept in prisons, some of them for the past twenty seven years, without any charges.

Hundreds of prisoners who were released after 20 years or more were declared innocents and charges against them were dismissed but the precious years of their lives were destroyed without any compensation which can be called judicial murder of justice by the custodians of law, he added.

He said, the judiciary has never put the state authorities accountable for booking innocent people and in fact it has helped the authorities in their designs to keep innocent people in jails for harbouring a political idea.

In India, the phrase goes like “no jail only bail “but when it comes to Kashmiris it changes into “no bail only jail.”

The IFJHRJK Chairman said, the top resistance leadership is behind the bars for years now and no charge-sheet has been produced yet and they have spent years in Indian jails without trial.

He said, there are clear directions from the Indian Supreme Court which say that prisoners should be lodged in the nearest jail to their homes.

But, unfortunately, he added, this law is not implemented with respect to Kashmiri prisoners.—KMS

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