If war happens it will be last one in sub-continent: Sarwar


Amraiz Khan

Governor Punjab Ch M Sarwar declared Narendara Modi more dangerous than Hitler. He said that Indian rulers should understand that if war is to be happen it will be the last war in sub-continent.
Ch Muhammad Sarwar said that Taimoor Aslam Shaheed gave his life for Pakistan and his sacrifice will not go in vein. Taimoor Aslam’s family is so proud of their son. I have assured the family of martyrs of any support including financial support on behalf of Punjab and Federal Government.
He was expressing his views after condolence with the family of martyr Lance Naik Taimoor Aslam who sacrificed his life at Indian line of control. If India is ready for war, we will also answer befittingly. From the very first day, India is against the Afghan Peace Process & Kartarpur Corridor project. Under any circumstances, Pakistan will complete the kartarpur corridor project before the 550th celebration of Baba Guru Nanak.
Governor Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar said that there is no doubt that India never really acknowledged Pakistan with heart and she is not serious in resolving Kashmir issue and was never interested in talks. If India is talking about change in nuclear policy than we also want to convey to India that if they are ready for war than we are also ready for war and if war is to happen this time it will be the last war of sub content net and 220 million Pakistanis are ready to sacrifice their life for the defense of country.
He said the voice of miserable Kashmir’s has reached the whole world but I want to ask why the conscious of whole leaders is sleeping? Where are the leaders of Muslim world. One billion Muslims and 60 Islamic countries but India is being subject to mass killing. I want to convey to world and Muslim leaders that they should take notice of killing of humanity and human rights in Kashmir and demand answer from Narendara Modi’s atrocities on Kashmir. Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar said that with the increase of Indian atrocities on Kashmir, the resolution of Kashmir’s is also increasing and every Pakistanis is deep down in passion to sacrifice. InshaAllah the movement of Independence of Kashmir’s will succeed.
Answering a question about Kartarpur Corridor Project Ch Muhammad Sarwar said that India is not serious in Kartarpur corridor project, from the day it started India is conspiring to sabotage it but we will not let this conspiracy and desire of India succeed. Today whole world and Sikh Community is standing in support with this projects, under any circumstances Kartarpur project will complete on time and on the occasion of Baba Guru Nanak’s 550 birthday, Sikh pilgrims will be provided with every facility including visas and fool proof security. Ch Sarwar said in India the treatment with minorities and the atrocities inflicted on them, the whole world knows about it.

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